Group News Updates – April 2016

Ohio Health Benefits Introducing SOCA Benefit Plans

Shopping for health insurance can be a time-consuming and confusing task, especially for a small business owner wearing multiple hats.  But we have good news!  Now, through Ohio Health Benefits and your local Chamber of Commerce, you may be able to participate in the SOCA Benefit Plan – a self-funded insurance pool that enables small businesses to take advantage of a simpler process, more rate stability, and potential cost savings.

  • Provides an alternative to community rating
  • By being part of a larger self-funded pool you will have financial protection backed by Anthem’s stop loss coverage, predictable fixed monthly payments, and rating stability.
  • Along with Anthem’s network you’ll see deep negotiated discounts and more choices for your employers.
  • Health and wellness programs to help support healthier employees and fewer claims

The SOCA Benefit Plan enables business owners with 2-50 employees to enjoy the many financial benefits of being part of a self-funded pool. To see if your business qualifies, please contact Steve Clark at Ohio Health Benefits.