Vaccines can be an important way to help reduce your risk of certain infections and viruses, before you come into contact with them. With the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, Congress has taken the long overdue step of eliminating out of pocket costs for many vaccines. But how does Medicare cover these, including the COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccines Under Medicare Part B

Part B, medical insurance, covers most vaccines that Medicare beneficiaries need. There is no copayment for those that every Medicare beneficiary should get, specifically:

COVID-19 (No-Cost)

The COVID-19 vaccine is covered by Medicare. Whether you have Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage, you will not pay for the shot or the administration of it. More information via the CDC.

Flu (No-Cost)

The flu vaccine is covered once every flu season.

Pneumonia (No-Cost)

The pneumonia (pneumococcal) vaccine is covered anytime, and sometimes a second shot, if given at least one year after the first shot.

Hepatitis B (No-Cost)

The hepatitis B vaccine is covered if you’re at a higher risk for hepatitis B.

Vaccines Under Medicare Part D (Or Medicare Advantage)

Part D, prescription drug coverage, covers the vaccines that Part B doesn’t. As of January 1, 2023, Part D vaccines will not be subject to a deductible and there will be no copayment.

Shingles (No-Cost As Of 1/1/2023)

Starting in 2023, the shingles vaccine is now 100% covered by your stand-alone Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan with Part D drug coverage!

Tdap (No-Cost As Of 1/1/2023)

Starting in 2023, the Tdap vaccine is now 100% covered by your stand-alone Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan with Part D drug coverage! This is the adult booster shot for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough).

Click here for the CDC’s complete recommended adult immunization schedule. And contact us for specific answers to your vaccination coverage under Medicare.

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Before 2023, many Medicare Part D prescription drug plans required at least a copayment for the shingles vaccine. But that changed on Jan. 1, 2023. Medicare will cover the shingles vaccine under Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), meaning you won’t have to pay any deductible, copay, or any other costs for the vaccine. It is important to note that the shingles vaccine is not covered under Medicare Part A or Part B.