I love the feeling of spring being in the air and warmer weather coming soon. As I compose this letter, I am actually in Hilton Head, SC where it is nice and warm. The reports back home are snow…Yuck! I am happy to report that OHB had a very productive annual enrollment period…all of our team members worked very hard, and we helped a ton of people! It is very gratifying to look back at all the work that was done – thousands of phone calls, thousands of policies reviewed, and hundreds of policies rewritten when necessary – and know we did a great job!  

I really am extremely proud of the team we are continuing to build at OHB!  Each year our team is getting bigger and stronger. Most of the team members we have came to us with zero experience in our industry. We have quickly learned that we do much better finding the people with the right attitude, aptitude, character, and cultural mindset that matches OHB.  

We are improving our hiring practices by doing lots of up-to-date testing and the results have been phenomenal!  Once we get the right people on board, the intense training begins!  Then, we stand back, keep holding their hands and watch them grow!  As the proclaimed “leader” of OHB I really feel my job is one of servant leadership.

Every day I think about what I can do to serve my employees and strive to make their lives richer as they work to serve you, our client. I get lots of positive comments from our clients and other people in our industry, including the competition. When I am congratulated on the success of OHB, I am reminded of when we were just a two-person show. 

We have some very aggressive growth goals at OHB and we are well on our way to achieving them.  2022 was a record growth year for us on all fronts. We saw growth on the accounting side of things, with the growth and advancement of our leadership team, as well as growth in our service and sales teams.  The future is looking great! As a servant leader I also want to remind you that I want to hear from you. I want to know about any concerns that you may have, if we have fallen short in any way of your expectations, or if a team member exceeded your expectations.  We meet weekly to discuss any issues or frustrations and to also celebrate our wins… we call the frustrations “Critical Errors”, and we call the wins “Top Bananas”.  We gave out bunches of Top Bananas last year to our team members.  So far in 2023 we are starting off very strong with many awarded top bananas. At OHB we take concerns and compliments very seriously!  

Enjoy the warm weather and have a great spring and summer!  Please feel free to give me a call at 330-633-3837 or shoot me an email if you have something on your mind!