The Annual Enrollment Period is almost here for Medicare and Individual Health Insurance plans. Each year, you can review your current health insurance coverage and make changes. As you prepare for Annual Enrollment, here are a few steps to make this process a bit easier.

  1. Review the Annual Notice of Change. Your current health insurance plan will be mailing you the Annual Notice of Change. This will include updates to your benefits for the upcoming year. 
  2. Look at the plan formulary to make sure you understand how your medications are covered by your plan.
  3. Review your health over the past year. Are you taking any new medications? Have your health insurance needs changed because of a new medical condition or illness? If so, these changes may require a different plan for 2021.
  4. You can also expect to receive lots of mailings from other insurance companies. We work with these carriers as well, so reach out to us if you have questions about something you receive. 

If you take these steps and would like us to evaluate your plan for 2021, you can start the process by updating your medications in our Medicine Cabinet by clicking here or give us a call. 

Remember, we are with you every step of the way. If you have questions about your current plan or decide it’s time to review your plan, reach out to us  for clear answers. You can count on us to help you understand your options for 2021, even if it means taking no action at all.