Each fall (October 15 thru December 7), you have the opportunity to make changes to your Medicare plan. In this Annual Enrollment Period, you can review your current Medicare health and drug coverage. If you are dissatisfied with your coverage for this year, you are able to make changes. Even if you are satisfied with your current Medicare coverage, you may want to look at other Medicare options that may better suit your individual needs in the upcoming year.

We at Ohio Health Benefits understand that this Annual Enrollment Period is very important to you and want to help. We offer all of our clients the opportunity to review their current plan, which is especially useful if you have had difficulties or unforeseen costs under your current plan. We are continually striving to help our clients in the most efficient way possible.  This year is no different.

We know that fall is a long way away, but know that we are working diligently to prepare for Annual Enrollment and look forward to helping you assess your health insurance situation.