The Great Departure has begun as more than half of employees in North America plan to look for a new job or quit their jobs outright in 2021 as the pandemic subsides. HR professionals are looking for ways to use employee benefits as a recruitment and retention tool.

It should come as no surprise that the pandemic has made remote work and flexible hours as important as health benefits. For smaller companies, finding the right mix of benefits to create a positive return on investment can be a challenge.

Organizations that act now may be able to reaffirm a positive employer brand before competition for talent gets even more intense. At Ohio Health Benefits our agents help you figure out the complicated pitfalls of selecting a group insurance policy for your business.

With two offices to best serve our clients, one in Tallmadge and another in Hiram we service all of Ohio. We have a reputation for personal attention, flexibility, dependability and integrity.

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  • Hands on, local service
  • Small Group Experts under 100 employees
  • 17 Years of service with 2 offices in Northeast Ohio
  • Small and Mid Market Group Options: ACA, MEWA, Association, Chamber Plans, National Plans, Self-Funded, Reference Based Pricing, HRAs
  • Ancillary Options (Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Tele-medicine, Employee Assistance, etc.)
  • HR and Enrollment Solutions
  • OHB Direct: Dedicated Group staff for you and your team

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