Last year, we kicked off our Medicine Cabinet to make it easier for you to let us know what medications you are currently taking. Over the last several months, we made some changes to the Medicine Cabinet that we think will make this even easier. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The information collected in the Medicine Cabinet is vital to an effective review by allowing our team of agents to review your particular situation prior to the discussion or meeting. If you are interested in reviewing your current plan, access the link on our website. Once we receive your updated medication list, we will review plan offerings for next year, then reach out to you via phone or email, whichever you prefer. 

For more information on Medicine Cabinet and to register, go to, click register link and follow prompts.

If you have questions about your current plan or decide it’s time to review your plan, reach out to us  for clear answers by calling 330-633-7713. You can count on us to help you understand your options for 2021, even if it means taking no action at all.

OHB is offering Zoom and Phone Meetings in addition to In Person Appointments. Let us know which you prefer.