Get the dental and vision care you need!

Ohio Health Benefits offers a variety of dental and vision plan options. When considering whether to choose a dental insurance or a dental discount plan, you’ll want to think about your needs and preferences.

Dental Insurance

In today’s economy, you are looking for more ways to control expenses, including the cost of your dental care. Great oral health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and Ohio Health Benefits can help you find a policy that will help with routine dental care like cleanings, checkups, filling cavities and root canals.

When reviewing your dental insurance options, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How much will it cost me on a monthly basis?
  • Will I be required to meet a deductible? Once the deductible is met, how much will the dental insurance provider pay for my services?
  • What dentists participate in the plan’s network? If I used a dentist outside the plan’s network, how much will I have to pay?
  • Are there waiting periods for certain procedures?
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Vision Insurance

Did you know eye exams can help detect serious health conditions such as diabetes? Some serious medical conditions can lead to vision loss, and if they’re detected early enough, such as during annual eye exams, your medical doctor can help manage or treat the condition. Whether you’re leaving for college or ready to enjoy retirement, put your eyes first and live a healthy life!

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