For most people on Medicare, the term “open enrollment” refers to the period between October 15 and December 7, also known as the Annual Enrollment Period or general enrollment period, when those enrolled in Medicare can change their coverage for the following year.

As you prepare for open enrollment, consider your health care needs over the past year, and anticipate what your needs might be in 2023. Prepare yourself in advance with a list of services you use the most, doctors and hospitals that are important to you and any prescriptions that you take.

Here is a list of things to help in preparation for Medicare open enrollment:

  • Have your plan needs changed?
  • Do you have a chronic illness that a Medicare Advantage plan targets?
  • Are you paying higher premiums than you need?
  • Is your plan’s deductible too high?
  • Is there a new plan offering that makes more sense for your situation?
  • Is there a better Part D drug plan? Does that Part D plan cover your mediations?
  • If you find a better plan, does your doctor and hospital accept it?
  • What’s the plan’s quality rating?

If you miss the open enrollment period, you have to wait until the next period unless you have a qualifying life event that qualifies you for a special enrollment period. Qualifying life events include moving, losing a spouse or getting divorced. If you have a qualifying life event, you have 60 days from the event to make changes to your Medicare coverage. Otherwise, you have to wait until the next open enrollment.

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