Make the Most of Your Annual Well Visit


You spend a lot of time talking with people DocAppevery day, but how much time do you spend talking to your doctor – the person who can best help you manage your health? Chances are, you get to spend only a handful of minutes at a doctor visit actually visiting with your doctor!

Make the most of your visit by taking control of your own health care. Start by scheduling your $0 copay annual physical and wellness visit. * Yes, $0 copay, because it’s part of your plan. Make this visit early in the year to give yourself a good, healthy head start.

Then make sure you’re prepared for the visit with key questions, medications and health information. That way, you can make the most of each minute with your doctor. You can spend that time working together to make a plan for healthier living throughout the year.

* Covered at a $0 copay when you see an in network doctor. A copay or coinsurance may apply to additional services received at the time of your visit.