Buying health insurance benefits is different than buying books and music.

Benefits are complex and they are critically important. Health care coverage protects both a family’s health and its finances.

Purchase the wrong book, and you’re out a few dollars. Purchase the wrong health care coverage, and the consequences are far more significant. Remember, if you buy health insurance online, there may be no adviser to explain benefits, no advocate if problems arise and no counselor to help you make the right coverage choices.

This picture shows a group of employees.

Research the many plans that exist online and then give Ohio Health Benefits a call. Remember there is a lot of fine print and details that is hard to find online. We can help guide you through all the differences between the insurance carriers and make sure that the plan is right for you. The cost that you see online is the same cost if you enroll with Ohio Health Benefits; carriers are not allowed to offer different rates to the consumer than through brokers.

Our agency has contractual relationships with and represents some of the best and most financially secure insurance companies in the United States including:

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