Here is what our customers are saying about Ohio Health Benefits.

I want to tell everyone what a great service Ohio Health Benefits (OHB) provides. My company was sold in November 2022 and I lost my health benefits. Even during OHB’s busiest time during the Medicare enrollment period, I was given a quote over the phone for short-term benefits and was approved and covered in less than 24 hours. What a reassuring experience during a VERY stressful time. Thank you, Joe Hartman, for your quick and excellent guidance! Also, thank you to Suzie Gunter for the great customer service at the end of my short-term benefit need.
Call them!!!

Libby Andriko – Google Review

Everyone at OHB is helpful and knowledgeable about health insurance. If you are looking for Medicare definitely give them a call. Business or personal insurance, OHB can help you.

Connie TubeHD – Google Review

I cannot tell you how helpful and courteous and knowledgeable Renee Fassnacht from the Talmadge office has been as we made our way through so many coverage challenges. We are grateful!

Patricia – Google Review

Jim Jaworski was very helpful and helped me set up the best medical coverage for me and my current situation.

Joseph Majewski – Google Review

I was frustrated after reading notifications from Anthem Blue Cross as it seemed they were saying they would no longer cover a very expensive medication I need. Renee Fassnacht was able to make sense of the letters, verified everything with the Pharmacy, and my refills continued. Renee is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and professional.

Lynn – Google Review

Renee and Lisa didn’t stop until the job was complete. Very courteous and helpful at a difficult time for me…..THANK YOU!

Frank Raso – Google Review

Blake was quick with a reasonable quote and I was approved the same day.

Kelly Cole – Google Review

Getting older has a lot of challenges with insurance questions Sarah Wagner was such a breath of fresh air helping out and answering all my questions.

Bill Haliko – Google Review

Ohio Health Benefits and Ann Carter were wonderful to work with! We had issues with an insurance claim (the fault of the insurance company) and Ann worked tirelessly over months to ensure that things were settled correctly. She was always very responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and kind. I am so grateful that we had her on our team!

Carol Congeni – Google Review

Moving to Ohio meant a change in healthcare and we were so confused with all the options for our family. We contacted Joe Hartman at Ohio Health Benefits and he walked us through the whole process! Best decision ever and we are truly grateful for the wonderful service and support. Thank you!

Shauna Juarez – Google Review

Vince Tassone is my hero!! He helped me navigate insurance options and was patient with me through all of my questions and tears!

Lacie Brubaker – Google Review

Renee was great. She got me the information and sent instructions so I could change my mail order prescription. Ohio Health Benefits has been helping me the past three years. I have told my friends to contact them if they have questions. Wonderful people!!

Tarri Hill – Google Review

We have had great direction in Medicare puzzle maze. Jan Naso is very knowledgeable and helped us considerably. Thank you so much.

Gary Stout – Google Review

Jan Naso and Ohio Health Benefits are TOP NOTCH! I highly recommend for expert (and free!) Medicare advice. And for recommending GeoBlue for international healthcare insurance. For the past three years I’ve recommended Jan to dozens of my patients/friends, and will continue to do so.

Bob Bevington – Google Review

Have full confidence in this group. Keep it up.

Kyle Shrader – Google Review

I have nothing but the highest praise for Ohio Health Benefits. They have reviewed my Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug plans for me and always tell me my options and what would be best to meet my needs and circumstances. The service is free!! When I first was eligible for Medicare, they sat down with my husband and me and explained all the different options and the pros and cons to all in a very understandable way. I would highly recommend this wonderful group to all!! Year after year, they are constantly on top of all the changes in the various insurance and look to find the best coverage.

Mary Gulledge – Google Review

The team knows and understands what my personal needs are and finds the options that are best for me. They fully explain the cost and benefits and do all the work. I’m grateful to have them as my resource!

Rachelle Borland – Google Review

These people are spot on, year after year. So happy we were told of the services they provide. They have made our medicare experience quite easy and affordable.

Rodney Dunn – Google Review

Very helpful and knowledgeable! Always responsive when I ask questions and always follow up! I am very pleased with our relationship. Using this group was the best decision I made when I was eligible for Medicare. Doesn’t matter who I get when I call, their customer service skills are great and I always feel well taken care of.

Greg Wood – Google Review

Excellent customer service. I am very satisfied.

Debbie Case – Google Review

Having our Medicare support through Ohio Health Benefits has been very satisfying. The CEO sends out a newsletter about 2-3 times per year and receiving the most recent one reminded us to make contact with Ohio Health Benefits to review 2023 Part D rates as well as discuss any changes on “the other Medicare parts” !! I called OHB’s office this morning and within just a couple of hours we received a return phone call and handled everything over the phone with no in-person appointment required. Thank you again for your detailed explanation and professionalism.

Mike Szugye – Google Review

This has been one of my best experiences with a business ever. The entire staff is knowledgeable and goes above and beyond.

Financial Coach Mark Dianchi – Google Review

Staff is courtesies, friendly and always timely. Christine L, Ann C. Valerie R, you rock! They make sure our employees receive the max from their benefits each year. Thank you OHB.

Terra Coffee – Google Review

Great team to work with. Always willing to help.

Amy Boettin – Google Review

Sara W. was most helpful with Medicare updates for my husband.

Cindy Robertson – Google Review

I reached out to Jeff Rinearson, he was super helpful in explaining the changes in my health care and he joined me up with the proper plan for my needs. Wouldn’t make a decision on any thing insurance related with out talking to him. Great company and helpful employees.

Valorie McCullough – Google Review

Vince helped us make complicated choices about Medicare coverages very easy. He guided us through evert step. I highly recommend him and his company.

James Nelson – Google Review

We have enlisted the services of Ohio Health Benefits for several years—first with our small, 30+ year family business, and then this year after retirement, for help with Medicare. Steve Clark, Vince Tassone, Sara Wagner, and Sarah Fairhurst have all been extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive to all our insurance needs. They answer e-mails and calls very promptly and take care of whatever the issue is right away. I don’t understand why anyone tries to navigate insurance and especially Medicare alone…it’s too confusing! Call this company and let them handle it for you. They are very experienced and do a wonderful job!

Dottie Etapa – Google Review

Very helpful, Great company!

Jeffrey Newlan – Google Review

Ohio Health Benefits is terrific. They are helpful, knowledgeable and responsive.

Marcia Granito – Google Review

Ohio Health Benefits has helped my wife and me pick out Medicare plans for the past 4 years. Our advisor sat down with us at our home and explained all the plans and then matched our needs with the best available plans and coverage. This group follows up with you every year and they provide excellent service. I have referred this group to many others and will continue to do so.

Clark Hoopes – Google Review

I have nothing but the highest praise for Ohio Health Benefits. They have reviewed my Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug plans for me and always tell me my options and what would be best to meet my needs and circumstances. The service is free!! When I first was eligible for Medicare, they sat down with my husband and me and explained all the different options and the pros and cons to all in a very understandable way. I would highly recommend this wonderful group to all!!

Mary Gulledge – Google Review

Dave and everyone else that works here are super helpful and friendly. They’re great folks and would recommend their services to anyone.

Cris Alatorre – Google Review

Before I retired I visited Lisa Leitner at OHB. She helped me immensely in setting up my health care plan for my retirement years. When I first thought about retirement I was over whelmed with the amount of information that I was receiving in the mail. Every insurance company seemingly had a plan. Lisa was able to cut through all of the chaff. I came into her office overwhelmed, I left with a smile on my face.

Pat Mc Nair – Facebook Review

Thanks so much, Vince, for all your help! I feel that I’m in good hands and well-cared for by you.  I’m comfortable with what I have because of your taking the time to explain things to me, and I don’t feel that I need to agonize over any of it or try to figure things out.

Thank you for this peace of mind! Blessings to you in all your endeavors!

Leanne Cannon – sent to Vince Tassone, Benefits Consultant

We were coming off of COBRA and had a dismal looking future with no health benefits.  We were very interested in securing coverage through the Healthcare Marketplace but had so much trouble with the Marketplace that we couldn’t get coverage for two months.  We were referred to Ohio Health Benefits by a friend and turned to Scott Prior for help.  He was able to lead us through the ins and outs of procedures and was able to point us in directions we would otherwise not have known about.  Scott found us a policy with excellent coverage and a price that wouldn’t deplete our savings.  Insurance this year has been a dream, and we’re looking forward to more guidance with Medicare as my 65th birthday approaches.

Mary K. – Stow, Ohio

Great place very helpful. Steve was great and very Informative helped me understand what Medicare covered and what I needed as far as a supplemental policy. He answered all my questions help me with the insurance coverage that I needed and when I left there I knew what was covered and what was tonight and what my cost for going to be per month. If you need help with understanding Medicare and supplemental policies give Steve a call at Ohio health benefits.

Denise Marburger Wilhelm – Facebook Review

As a consumer and a small business owner, I wanted to take a moment to share what a great experience I had with Ohio Health Benefits. The service I received from Vince Tassone and the Ohio Health Benefits team was outstanding.

As an entrepreneur with a small start-up, time is a precious commodity. I initially found navigating the many health insurance programs and options very time consuming. However after speaking with Vince, he provided me with a few manageable options that were easy to understand and reduced our expenses.

Dealing with big health insurance companies is often impersonal and customer service can be hard to reach. When we are really busy its incredibly hard to find time to call the insurance company during the business day. Anyone who has sat on hold for an hour and been transferred to four different people knows what I am talking about. As a Ohio Health Benefits customer I received ‘white-glove’ treatment. They advocated for me. They processed paperwork, proactively reached out with deadline reminders and communicated with the insurance carrier. When I sent emails and voicemails to Ohio Health Benefits they responded quickly and professionally.

If you or your company is having difficulties with your health benefits or shopping for new plans, I highly recommend you give Vince Tassone of Ohio Health Benefits a call.

Damian H. – Stow, Ohio

They have been extremely helpful getting our supplemental insurance plans for my wife and me on Medicare. Also they have helped my 38 year old disabled son get his coverage. All are individually tailored to each of our needs.

Mitchell Henn – Facebook Review

Medicare was extremely confusing to me so I asked my Financial Advisor for help and he told me to call Rick Lohr at Ohio Health Benefits.  I’m sure glad I did because he made it understandable.  In-depth he explained original Medicare to me, the types of supplemental insurance options there are, and made his recommendations.  He made the whole process a pleasant experience and I highly recommend him.  Rick also told me he offers fall Medicare reviews for people already on Medicare so I’ve been telling my “older” friends!

Jacque S. – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Last year when I was attempting to make heads or tails out of all of the supplemental insurance policies for medicare I was directed by a friend to contact Ohio Health Benefits. There I spoke to Lisa Leitner about my options. By the end of the meeting I had my supplemental health care taken care at no cost to me. Lisa is very knowledgeable and was very helpful. My mind was put at ease and I walked out with a smile on my face. I recommend this service to anybody who is signing up for Medicare.

Pat Mc Nair – Facebook Review

Navigating Medicare choices was a nightmare, until I was referred to Vince Tassone at Ohio Health Benefits. I was overcome with mailings and ads. Then Vince explained everything in simple language that made it easy to understand. He helped me understand and evaluate the options. He analyzed all the prescription providers and found the provider with the best cost based on the prescriptions I take. Vince was responsive and put me completely at ease on the subject. Now I refer Vince to all my friends who are turning 65.

Lynne A. – Akron, Ohio

**** 5 stars*****. They were recommended by friends. Helped me pick a plan when I retired. Helped Fred with his mom and when’s Fred’s retirement changed. I have sent many folks there and everyone is thrilled with what they do.

Carol Baker Smith – Facebook Review

Scott went the extra mile and his knowledge of the ever changing health care laws and landscape were a valuable tool to help my family with the coverage needed at an affordable price. His kindness and professionalism does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I have recommended Scott Prior and Ohio Health Benefits to my friends and business associates…I am glad to Scott Prior on my team.

Mark S. – Tallmadge, Ohio

Ohio Health Benefits has been extraordinarily helpful to my family. Navigating the world of health care is intimidating, but their guidance has made it so much much more manageable. The staff is very friendly and the agents who have worked with us are extremely knowledgeable and informative. They take the time to help us understand the best options that are available for our situation and help us make the best choice. They respond quickly to emails and phone calls and have always given us all the time we need. Due to my type of employment, we have relied on the knowledge and experience of the agents at Ohio Health Benefits for the past 12 years to help us find the best fit in health coverage year to year. We highly recommend their services!

Chad Delaney – Facebook Review

Working with Vince Tassone has been a pleasure! He explained the maze of Medicare Supplemental insurance coverage clearly and simply.  Thanks to Vince, I’m very satisfied that I have the proper coverage going into this next phase of my life.

Nora P. – Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Steve was so very helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty to help my husband get Medicare supplement coverage. When I went on Medicare, he very thoroughly explained all options to us in a way that we could understand. He filled out all the paperwork so that it would be correct and nothing omitted. We highly recommend Ohio Health Benefits to everyone!

Mary Gulledge – Facebook Review

Excellent service from Steve and Debbie. They answer all my questions and provide guidance through a complicated maze of Medicare supplement and prescription coverage options. Highly recommend!

Rachelle Malcmacher Korland – Facebook Review

My Agent Steve Clark is awesome. I give him my information and he tells me the pro and con of what insurance I should choose. He does all the work for me. No stress. I highly recommend.

Linda Passarelli – Facebook Review